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2024 Course Sessions

Session Details

Acting for Singers

This unique class explores how to integrate acting technique, including character work, being in the moment, and making imaginative choices, into your work as a singer. It is appropriate for experienced singers who want to take their work to the next level. An expert accompanist / co-teacher is present at every in-person class and all styles of music are explored, including musical theatre, opera, jazz, cabaret, as well as original compositions.

Melody in Motion

This is a group voice and sight singing course. Strengthen your musical voice and ears in this 3-in-1 course where you will enjoy the camaraderie of group singing along with individual singing in a masterclass setting while improving your sight-singing abilities! This course includes music theory.

Songwriting: TuneTales Workshop

Come ready to write: In each workshop, we’ll do some in-class prompts and writing games to get our creative mojo ignited. Then we’ll look at some of the tenets of writing good lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions. Studying craft helps us with the all-important rewriting part of songwriting, when we can take an initial song sketch to magnum opus. 

Vocal Jazz 2

An extension of Vocal Jazz 1. Learn how to collaborate with players in jazz performance and craft a vocal interpretation that is uniquely you. In Vocal Jazz 2, you will have an opportunity to apply your new skills in real time and choose repertoire that best fits with your unique musical style.

Intro to Live Sound Reinforcement

Don’t let some venue’s unknown sound system interfere with your next open mic.  Learn the fundamental components of small-venue sound systems and how to quickly dial in the settings to eliminate feedback, find your EQ sweet-spot, set monitor levels and more.

Cultivating Inclusivity

Exploring How Universities, Performing Arts Institutions, Disability Advocacy Groups, and the Wider Community Can Develop Accessible Theater Spaces. Participants will read and discuss articles surrounding this topic. You will also have an opportunity to plan and design hypothetical concert programs that are fully inclusive for people with disabilities.  This course requires consent, as it will contribute to current independent research.

Performance Practices

Address your performance anxiety and learn to communicate with your audience. Once you have embraced your higher purpose, you learn how to set yourself up for success as a performing artist. This course works with emotions, expression, and confidence. 

Sound Healing

Work with your own sonic connection to create a deeply therapeutic pathway to healing. The voice is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans to facilitate a release of emotional and energetic blocks as well as a way to increase self-awareness and confidence. We'll use vibrational, restorative tools (including singing) to begin a beautiful foundation for freeing the voice!

Zen Guitar / Ukulele

Enroll in this class if you are:

a professional guitarist seeking musical inspiration.

a guitarist who loved music before you started studying and now feel overwhelmed.

seeking the love of making music after years of not finding it, and now coming back to playing guitar.

a music lover who played guitar when you were younger, stopped, and have said for years, “I wish I never stopped taking those lessons.”

Improvisation for Everyone

In-depth structured improvisational acting class for anyone who wants to stretch themselves into new areas of expression. Learn how to be fully in the moment and find your sense of play and imagination while playing characters of all types. 

Sing Your Story

The world needs your unique voice and story! Work with Courtney to develop your specific and unique solo performance piece in a professional, supportive and fun environment. You'll discover a wealth of material for your project, as well as receive constructive and healthy feedback about your ideas, delivery and your specific performance strengths and opportunities.

Vocal Jazz 1

Build your understanding of the basics of jazz performance. We will discuss the great jazz singers as well as breakdown vocal style, lyric interpretation, repertoire, phrasing and history of the genre. You will leave with a better understanding of your own personal style and instrument. 

Mic Technique

Aimed at both novices and seasoned performers alike, learn the tips and techniques for using microphones for live stage performances as well as in the recording studio.  This session will heavily feature hands-on experience so come prepared to perform.  

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